Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buisness without a "Gateway" company

News and stats. from the sales deptartment at CrystaLenz confirms what I thought when we decided to cancel our contract with the credit card gateway company. Our sales volume has not dropped at all, in fact sales are up slightly. By saving money on processing fees charged by the gateway company we are able to keep our prices low on the Crystalenz Headlight lens cleaning kit. I highly recommend starting a Google or PayPal buisness account and getting rid of the overcharging that the various gateway companies do to the small business owner.

Now for some really exciting news. We are working on a "retail" package for the Crystalenz headlight lens cleaning kit and hopefully it will be coming to a store near you shortly. In the meantime if your headlights are yellowed, faded, or just plain look bad, order one of our headlight lens cleaning kits. Use the Google or PayPal buttons on the website and buy with confidence. Your purchase is still covered against fraud and you will get your headlight lenses clean and your car looking great again.

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