Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Customer Comments about CrystaLenz

After I restored my first set of headlight lenses I stood back and said "Wow I'm amazed, this stuff really works!" And even now after hundreds of headlight lens made clear I still find myself looking at the clear lenses, amazed at how well CrystaLenz works. So on this post I am going to share a couple of letters I received from very satisified customers. For more information on this great product check out the website http://www.crystalenz.com/
Enjoy Art

I just got finished using your product and I am simply AMAZED at the results!! Crystalenz has exceeded my expectations by far!! I will recommed this product with confidence to everyone who had the same headlights I did. I have a 03 jetta, NOTHING would take off the film, mequires plastic cleaner, mother plastic polish, NOTHING. Your Product took my headlights for crappy to bright and clear! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS PRODUCT i am taken back at these results!

Joseph *****
spartanburg, sc

Hi Art,Sorry have not written sooner. Just been so busy here. But I did want to let you know that my headlights are fantastic!!!! Thank you so much.
I will for sure spread the news about your great product.
Also, you will be hearing from a Deanna, I told her about your product and how awesome it worked. She wanted your phone number and will be calling you to order some. She is from Missouri. Thanks again!Denise ****

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Crystal Clear Headlights said...

The customer's feedback tell the product's quality is great. The customers also knew the importance of headlights in their cars.